Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Warm Winter Wishes Sled"

Hi everyone! Hope your week has been going good! I've retaken some photos of my "Warm Winter Wishes Sled" and am posting them here. These photos turned out great! This is one of my favorite pieces. The sled measures 24"T x 10"W x 4"Deep with the runners. It's made of Oak. I've painted a Jamie Mills-Price design on it. It sells for $85.00. You can find this painting in the Winter Category of the store.
I had someone tell me, it looks like a sticker! lol Sorry, but this was all hand painted by yours truely! :) Click on the photos to see all the beautiful colors & detail in this painting.

Tomorrow I will be blogging about a recent custom order that I did. One of my loyal customers sent me a large firkin lid with an older painting on it. I sanded the old one off and painted a newer primitive painting on it. It looks so much nicer. I will be showing you some before and after photos, so check back to see this transformation. Have a good night! ~Jody~

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