Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Mitten Ornaments-Renee Mullins

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a happy new year so far!

I've been really busy painting all kinds of things!

Today I'm sharing with you the finished Mitten Ornaments that I've been working on.
 I normally only share photos of my finished projects and not the item in stages.  But, I thought maybe you might be interested in seeing these. So I took these photos with my phone and one day I noticed that my phone had all the photos together of these mittens and animated them and turned them into a video. I thought this was so cool, because my phone has never done that before! So, I'll be sharing a little video on how I painted these. I think sharing this way is so awesome because you can see how I painted my items step by step. 
I will continue to share my project video's with you.

These were so fun to paint! I love Christmas, and Gingerbread men, don't you! They're so cute!!!
And who doesn't love Christmas cookies!

Here's a photo of the finished products.  

Here's the video of the first mitten.

Here's the second one.

Well what do you think? Did you like to see the video's? 
I hope you enjoyed your visit here today!

Thank you for stopping by!

~Take Care~

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hand Painted Ornaments

Hi everyone! I hope you all are well! 
I've redesigned the blog since I feel like I'm kind of starting fresh. So new look and fresh start!
Since shutting down both businesses, I've been spending time with family and enjoying not having to work! It's been awesome let me tell you! So much less stress in my life! And no time tables!

I've also done a little crafting. I've made some cards, Treat bags, colored, hosted a Halloween party, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had planned on posting about each thing I made, but it always seemed like I'd get sick when I wanted to get that done. In fact I was sick 3 times last year with one thing or another.  And I'm starting this year being sick with another cold, and this one is a bad one. I'm on day 14 and it's not showing signs of getting any better which in turn is slowing down what I want to do and that is paint and pour some more ceramics! 

I am however, painting again, and loving it. I can't believe how much I've missed painting. I'm working on some hand painted ornaments right now, a design by Renee Mullins of Plum Purdy Designs. Here's some photo's of them. 

A little bit more to do! :) But you can see the progression. 

I've been doing a lot of thinking about exhibiting at the Holiday Food And Gift Fair this year in November. I've exhibited here a couple times and really loved it. I've also been thinking about offering up my paintings for sale here on my blog again, and I think I'm going to do that by having a buy now button located under each item once I've made it and have it posted. 

Thank you all for your lovely comments!

Take Care!


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