Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Mitten Ornaments-Renee Mullins

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a happy new year so far!

I've been really busy painting all kinds of things!

Today I'm sharing with you the finished Mitten Ornaments that I've been working on.
 I normally only share photos of my finished projects and not the item in stages.  But, I thought maybe you might be interested in seeing these. So I took these photos with my phone and one day I noticed that my phone had all the photos together of these mittens and animated them and turned them into a video. I thought this was so cool, because my phone has never done that before! So, I'll be sharing a little video on how I painted these. I think sharing this way is so awesome because you can see how I painted my items step by step. 
I will continue to share my project video's with you.

These were so fun to paint! I love Christmas, and Gingerbread men, don't you! They're so cute!!!
And who doesn't love Christmas cookies!

Here's a photo of the finished products.  

Here's the video of the first mitten.

Here's the second one.

Well what do you think? Did you like to see the video's? 
I hope you enjoyed your visit here today!

Thank you for stopping by!

~Take Care~

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