Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Oh my gosh I've been sooo busy! I was sick for a while and got backed up on my work, so I've been missing in action for a while. But I'm back and feeling a whole lot better. Got caught up on most of my work, with the exception of my orders for my hand painted items. I plan on making a bunch of new stuff to add to the website which include 2 cabinets, a violin, a grease pot and more. This weekend I'm going to practice with my glazes on my ceramics. I'd really like for the ceramics I make to be dishwasher safe for my customers. So I need to practice! I have some new ceramic piece that I hope to show you next week. I've also been working on making more Terrye French Rubber stamps and should have some new ones done just in time for Christmas! You can view the stamps that Terrye French & I make here We've been adding some new items to our website too! Just in time for summer VHC Victorian Heart Company has a brand new product line "Woven Coverlets" and they are beautiful and perfect for summer time! Here's a photo of one of them.
I'll be back with something new soon! Thanks for stopping by to see me! ~Jody~


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