Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Hello and happy wednesday to everyone! Hope you all had a fun, safe fourth of July weekend. We all went down to the water front to watch the fireworks show that the city puts on. It's the first time my daughter and I have seen it, rick has seen it before and wanted to take us to it. We really enjoyed the show, it was wonderful, and there were lots of nice fireworks.Here's what's going on at Adorable Country Classics. I've had some health issues which I've had for a while now. I've been seening a couple doctors, and had some tests done. They didnt find anything, thank god.The company my husband works for has promoted him to being the company mechanic and with that they purchased a really nice kenworth shop truck, and new shop thats close to home. Last week I spent some time with my husband riding around in a Kenworth for him so he could practice driving a big rig before he takes his test. Yes, I have a CDL class A with a tankers enodorsment. I actually drove dump trucks, water trucks, and belly dumps for 7 yrs before I started this business. I still love driving, just hate the hours. But BIG Trucks are my thing. lol So along with going to the doctors and filling orders, and riding around with my husband, I've been pretty busy. I am still working on the new products that I mentioned, and hopefully will have one of them up by the end of this week, or monday. Have a good week everyone! ~Jody~

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