Monday, June 22, 2009


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. I’ve been busy the last couple weeks filling orders, and taking custom orders. I'm working on some new Products to be added to the site soon. What to expect:
  • Primitive Canister Set
  • Primitive Crock/Utensil Holder(OOAK)
  • Primitive Sign
  • Primitive Cream & Sugar Set(OOAK)
  • Country Utensil Holder
  • Country Napkin Holder
  • Country Refrigerator Magnets

If your interested in any of these items, please check back. Now for the personal stuff. My husband and I have been working on the outside of our home on the weekends, for the last month. We’ve got the outside of the house repainted/stained. There is a couple more things to do with it, but for the most part it’s done. Boy does it look different! Doesn’t even look like the same place. I will get pictures up when the flower beds are in. We pressure washed our deck, and re-stained it, so it looks good now. I planted somewhat of a garden. With as busy as we’ve been it’s not much of one, just a few vegetables is all. When we purchased the home there were no flower beds here what so ever, so were going to be adding those, but probably won’t be adding any flowers till next year. The front yard contains a sloping rock wall, that just looks horrible. My husband started on the re-sloping so we would have more of a front yard, but there’s still a lot more to do to that so we will be working on that this weekend. Most of you know my father passed away a few weeks ago. This fathers day was pretty tough for all of us. We sure miss him! Have a great week everyone! ~Jody~

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