Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Lady Worth A Mention

Hello everyone!
I met a very nice lady the other day.  Somehow she found my Etsy store,  I'm not sure how, but she did.  She decided to do a mention about it on her blog.  She spoke a little about me and my work and added a little link to my Etsy store for her followers to check out.
I don't nearly have the followers as she has but you gals need to go check out her Etsy store as well.  She makes very nice baskets, they are beautiful!   Her name is Rose.   She has been weaving baskets since 1993.  She sells at the Sunday Artisian Market in Ann Arbor and at other shows.  Her Etsy store link is:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/basketsbyrose
Her website link:  http://www.basketsbyrose.com/
And you can follow her blog by visiting her here:  http://basketsbyrosebasketsbyrose.blogspot.com/
Have a good day everyone! ~Jody~



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