Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Primitive Bread Box #3 Hand Painted

Hello Blogging Friends! Here is my new Primitive Bread Box I've finished this week, and a description of how I've painted it. This Primitive Bread Box has been painted black in a distressed manner. The edges have been sanded for a time worn look. This has been sanded and is very soft and smooth. I've painted the insert on the front with a rustic red saltbox house nestled on a grassy hill with some sheep, two willow trees & and an American flag. I've painted the words "Simple Keepings" above the design. The door of the Bread Box has been designed with twiggy vines, leaves, red & white pip berries, & black primitive stars. I've attached a vintage looking knob that has an engraved leaf pattern on it. The sides have two sheep standing on a grassy hill with a willow tree at the bottom. The top has twiggy vines, leaves & red & white pip berries. The very top of the Bread Box has the words "Simple Keepings" and two Primitive Stars. The inside is painted black. The insert is interchangeable so you can display different paintings throughout the year. Rubber feet are attached to bottom to prevent sliding. This Primitive Bread Box will hold 2 long loaves of bread plus dinner rolls! It measures 12" Tall x 16" Wide x 10" Deep at the bottom. A little narrower at the top. It is made of wood. You can have this painted in any way you like for the same price-tell me what you would like in the (Customized By You ) box.  Here are some photos of the finished product & a direct link to the Primitive Bread Box.




This is a photo of the insert out. I wanted to show you this so you can see that it can come out and be turned over so you can display another painting on the other side.  This is so cool because you can have me paint a different painting, one for each season!  Wouldn't that be neat!  You wouldn't have to stare at the same old painting every day!  Have a good week everyone! ~Jody~


  1. That turned out awesome Jody!

  2. That's very pretty and good idea for different seasons painted on both sides.

  3. Sei molto brava, i tuoi lavori sono sempre molto particolari!!
    A presto sonia countrypainting e torta di mele

  4. Thank you Barbara for your nice comment! I will definitely have to paint some different seasons to go with this, so there are more options.

  5. I just love using black in the backdrop to paint these primitive pieces. This box is just lovely!

  6. Rita, thank you for the compliment! I'm actually painting two of these as we speak! This one is a best seller!



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