Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Painting-Domed Mantel Clock

Hello blogging friends!  Well as promised here is the clock I've been talking about.  This was a little challenging for me.  This is the first Holly Hanley design I've ever painted.  She paints her bears in this painting using a technique I've never heard of nor have ever tried before.  The clock was first stained in a walnut stain.  Then dried for a couple days.  Then the background was painted blue.  The bears were first painted with a medium called "Snowtex".  "Snowtex" is a medium used to create real looking snow.  In this case it made the bears look really furry & fluffy.  But, that's after I painted them with several layers of different colors of paint.  This painting was very fun.  I love painting new designs by various artists, and I'm always up for a new challenge, even if it does take me longer to get it done.  I'm going to include a couple of photos here. A photo of the clock I painted.  And another of a photo of what the clock is suppose to look like by Holly Hanley so you can see how close I got to matching it.   So what do you think folks?   You can find the clock on my website.  Item #620 in the Country Category. Or you can click the link above and it will take directly to it.
Blessings ~Jody~

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  1. Ahh isn't this the cutest! I love what you sell and will have to come back a take a look around! Deb



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