Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Painting Added

Hello Blogging Friends!  Hope your having a good week so far!  I was intending to have a new painting added yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, I just had to have problems with it!  So, I'm sorry for the delay in this, but it is added now.  I had purchased the piece of dowling for it and had it painted, antiqued it, assembled it, and it was too small.  So, I had to rework that part of the piece which really put me behind.  Then when I did finish it, it was really late at night and the photos just didnt turn out very good.  Well that was part of the problem.  The other part was that I forgot, that I can't antique my pieces before I take the photos, they end up having too much glare.  I need to make a mental note in my head so I don't keep doing that!  You'd think I'd learn!  lol   And if any of you know me, you know that the piece has to be perfect in every way, or it doesn't go out!!!  Anyway, the painting did turn out really nice.  This piece was designed by me with a few of Terrye Frenches favorite things.

This piece is painted on a wood banner. I've painted a saltbox house nestled on a hill with a family of sheep, a couple of trees, a quilt on a quilt rack, with a crow on top, and some white picket fences all nestled on some grassy hills with lots of different colored flowers. There is a wheel barrow with a chicken and a rabbit sitting in a pile of straw at the bottom & there is also a white picket fence that has vines with roses wrapped around it. The sign reads "Home Sweet Home" with a crow sitting on top. The wording is hand painted. I've also painted some twiggy vines and red pip berries around the wording. There are two homespun ties attached to the top to hold the piece together. This piece has been antiqued. It hangs by the stained piece of dowling, and is capped at both ends. It measures 12"W x 15 1/2"T x 1/2"Thick. You may customize this piece using the Customized By You Box.  The price is $32.95 without shipping.  I will calculate shipping after the purchase based on weight and your zip code and send you an invoice for the shipping.  You may pay the shipping using your credit card, or via a Pay Pal account.  Washington State Residents 8.6% sales tax will be added to your purchase.

Customized By You

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