Thursday, February 18, 2010

Custom Orders

I wanted to talk a little about custom orders today.  As many of you know, I do custom orders for anyone who would like something special.  Recently I've made a huge change to my website, with MOST of my products.  Now you can choose any product you want, and have it painted any way you want.  That includes haveing a different design, color, add ons, & leave outs for no additional charge.  You still have all the old options available to you as well.  This gives you alot more options for matching your existing decor.  I know there are alot of you who would like to see more Terrye French & Renee Mullins designs on my site.  I'm working on that.   If there is a product on my site, or something special that you would like made with one of these artists designs, please feel free to contact me, and we can talk. I'm always open to suggestions, and I'm happy to help you any way I can.  Have a good week everyone! ~Jody~

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