Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grandbaby Photo

Here's the photo of my grand baby I promised you a couple weeks ago.  My daughter took this photo of her, and had it printed in sepia (some sort of antiquing) and then put the photo in an old antique frame.  And then gave it to me for Valentines Day.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  I have to say Brailynn is
The "Love Of My Life". 

We are extremely worried about her right now. Baby is having a hard time keeping her milk down. The hospital ran some tests and found that one of her arteries on her heart has grown in the wrong place and it pushes on her esophegous causing her to vomit most of her milk up. She may need to have open heart surgerie, but we won't know that until they do an MRI, which is suppose to happen anytime in the next couple weeks. She has been gaining weight regularly, and a pretty good amount of it, 12 Lbs. she's just darling! So, we are keeping our fingers crossed that she won't have to have open heart surgerie, please keep her in your prayers. I hope you enjoyed the photo, it's one of my favorites! ~Jody~


  1. Dear Jody, I am so sorry to hear about that. She is so small...I hope all the prayers will help her. I keep my fingers crossed too.
    You are right...The photo is very very beautiful.
    maria grazia

  2. Brailynn, her parents and you are in my prayers, Jody. She is a beautiful little girl! Warmest wishes to you all! Lesley



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