Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whatcha Workin On Wednesday! (Thursday)

Hello my blogging friends! I meant to post this yesterday and forgot. Yesterday & today I'm working on a set of Primitive Kitchen Canisters that are Terrye French inspired. The shape of these are different than the Wood or Crock Canisters that you can find on my website. These will be a new product! I can't wait to get them done, their going to be so nice!
Now that the holidays are over, what are you all working on? Let the cat out of the bag and fill us all in!
Have a great day everyone!
~Take Care~Jody

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jody! I'm usually a painter but for the winter months I want to sit and stitch, work with some fabrics. I'm not a decorative painter like you, I just like to paint makeovers. That's what I'm working on right now for a giveaway I am going to have next week. You should stop by and see if you might be interested.

    Your crocks sound really neat, can't wait to see them! Terrye French designs are always SO adorable!



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