Friday, December 11, 2009

Waiting For Grandbaby

Hello! I may be going on vacation here pretty soon.  We've been waiting for the baby to arrive here at the Stacy household.  She is due on December 20th.  But the Dr. told my daughter this week, that baby is big and needs to come now, or there will be complications.  So my daughter goes in today I guess, the Dr. is going to break her water.  So were on standby waiting for the call to come to the hospital.  The anticipation has been really hard for me.  I'm so excited, that I can hardly wait!  I can't wait to see what she looks like, and to hold her.  My daughter went to the Dr. a couple weeks ago and had a 3D ultrasound done.  I can't beleive the technology today, it's really neat what they can do now days.  Here's one of those photos, she is sticking her tongue out!  Notice how clear the photo is. When she arrives I will post photos to share with you.  I will keep you posted as to when my vacation time will be.
"Waiting For Brailynn" First Grandbaby!

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