Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Arrival of Our First Grandbaby!

Hi everyone!  How are you?  How was your Christmas?  Our Christmas was fun this year.  We got to spend the day with our children in our home.  It was nice to sit around and enjoy each others company.  Oh, and play with all the neat gifts.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your family. Over the holidays, we were finally blessed with our first grandbaby, a healthy baby girl. 
Brailynn Avery Suzukie was born on 12//29/09 at 3:37am.  She weighed 7Lbs 9 oz. & is 19" Long.  Momma and baby are doing just fine.  My daughters labor and delivery couldn't of been any easier.  She was in labor for 8 hours, and pushed for only 17 minutes, and there she was!  This was the first time that I've ever got to witness a baby being born, and it was absolutely amazing!   I've been asked how it feels to finally be a grandma, and I can only say.............that it's a feeling that I can't describe.  When I first saw her, I cried.  She is absolutely beautiful!  She has the prettiest complection, and is sooooooo perfect!  She's definately  Grandmas little girl!  :)   I'ts going to be wonderful to watch her grow.  I will be posting photos of her from time to time, so you can share in my joy.  Here is a photo of her the day she was born.  ~Happy New Year!~ Jody

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