Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing Catchup!

Hello my friends! How are you? I hope you all are safe and sound from the tornadoes, and flooding! I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day also! I know it's been a while since I posted, sorry about that it's been one hectic spring on the home front. I have lots to talk about today, have to play catch up! We've lived in our home for about 4 or 5 years without a pretty front yard. A couple of weekends ago we finally put one in. (I got tired of looking at it!) We had the grass but no flower beds or flowers at all. So we put one in and decorated the front of the house. I hated how it looked before it was so boring and awful looking. I LOVE how it looks now, but were not done yet!  I'll show you more of the front yard, once we get some more work done.

Mothers day weekend my husband and I put our upper kitchen cabinets up. We chose to buy them unfinished just like we did the lowers, so we could finish them ourselves. I haven't gotten to finishing the uppers yet, hopefully I can work on them this week. I've been wanting them done for a long, long time. The bottom cabinets have been in for about a year. When it came to getting the upper cabinets in there was always something holding us up. But, finally they are in, and no one is able to see my dishes or the food in my cupboards for the first time in years! :) And I am VERY excited about that!  I will show you some before and after once these are done. Next I think we're redoing our hardwood floors, and the whole house is hardwood. (That will be alot of work)! We will be sanding them down and staining them, then add the gloss. The color we chose is red mahogany. It's going to be beautiful. Right now the floors look awful! I can mop them, and they still look dirty. Yuck! Can't wait to get the floor done.
This last Saturday we spent the day with our grandson celebrating his 10th Birthday. We had so much fun with the grand kids. Momma went and purchased a trampoline for the kids. Have any of you played on one of those? They are a blast! I had never been on one until Saturday. I got on with our granddaughter Brailynn for her first time too, and we had so much fun. She instantly started jumping up and down like she knew exactly what to do, it was sooooooo cute. I took some pics of her jumping on it, and playing with Grandpa (my husband). Here's some photos. If you look closely you can see she has her fist doubled up and hunched over getting ready to make her first jump.

She's having fun! Look at that smile!

Grandpa pushing her in the Jeep.

Now for the business side of things. I have been very busy filling orders for my hand painted primitive decor. I never imagined that I would ever be this busy painting products for people to display in their home. Thank you everyone who has ordered from me, and for sending me lovely comments to my email! I am flattered! I've been painting Primitive Canisters, Bread Boxes, Utensil Holders, and Salt & Pepper Shakers.
Sunday I added some Baby Quilts in the country category. Stop by and take a peek, they're adorable! No I didn't make these, a friend of mine did. They ship from my place of business. I will be adding new products to the site soon! Tons of new stuff, so check back to see them!
Have a great week everyone! ~Jody~

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