Sunday, May 29, 2011

I purchased a Kiln!

last week. When I started painting Ceramics months ago, I never thought I'd be purchasing a Kiln of my own. I've been purchasing all the ceramics that I paint from a very nice lady in Oklahoma. She does beautiful work! I've been painting so many ceramics, that my husband and I decided it was time to purchase our own kiln. I started looking for a Kiln  a week ago, and I wasn't planning on finding one so soon, but I did. I purchased the Kiln from a lady in my hometown. She took very good care of it, it's in great condition, and it was a great deal! 
I've been spending my evenings on the Internet learning everything I can about this craft. It's been really interesting. I'm going to be making all the ceramics I've painted so far, with some additional products. The additional products will be functional products, products that you can use in your kitchen. I will be adding these new items when I'm not stacked up on painting orders. This week I worked on a set of Salt & Pepper Shakers, a new Primitive Paper Towel Holder (that will be added to my website really soon), and have started a set of Primitive Canisters, all for one customer. I've been really busy since April with tons of orders for my hand painted items.
Have a wonderful Memorial weekend! ~Jody~

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