Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whatch Workin On Wednesday?

It's that time again!  Time to tell everyone what your workin on today!  I've heard and read the blogs that I follow, that everyone is swamped right now!  Either your really busy filling orders or your making new stuff for Fall & Christmas.  So, here's your opportunity to tell everyone what your workin on & get the word out!
Today I'm finishing a custom order primitive mail holder/letter organizer.  It will be added to my site & blog as a new product when finished.  It has a Terrye French design on it.  Then, I'm going to finish my first set of Primitive Ceramic Canisters.  So stay tuned for those!  I hope you have a great day today, and thank you everyone for your comments I really appreciate them! ~Blessings~Jody 


  1. I am late...again!! Well I do have a legitimate excuse. All this last week I have been working on altering a Chest of Draws (I just finished blogging about it) I just wish I could paint/draw like you then I would at least know what I am going to do with it!!!

  2. Silvia! I checked out your post about the Chest of Drawers your redoing. That's quite the job you've taken on! But with perserverience you will succeed! Have you ever tried stenciling? I belive this is for your son, depending on how old he his, you could try stenciling it, and it would look good! Can't wait to see it finished!



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