Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's Been Going On?

Hello Blogging Friends!  Wow it's been really busy around here!  Many of  you are probably wondering why I haven't added any new paintings or other products to the site lately.  I've had to get some paperwork and running around done to get my son into a Technical College this September.  I've also been working on some technical issues with the site and the blog.  The Blog issue has been fixed, and we are still working on the site stuff.  We may be changing the way the website looks as well, but not sure on that yet.  Were getting ready to expand and the technical issues need to be addressed before the expansion. Which brings me to the next subject.

I've asked questions about what kinds of products you like, and what you would like to see more of.  So, I've also been researching Home Decor products.  I wanted to find nice, high quality, affordable products that I think you will love!  And I have found them!  There will be several new styles and themes added to the site, soon.  I will keep you updated as to when we will add them.  
I'm still going to be offering my hand painted items as well.  In fact I'm working on several new designs right now.  I'm going to be painting several different designs/themes.  I'm very excited about the expansion and new styles & themes we will be adding.  These products are beautiful and will make wonderful additions to your home decor.

So I hope you will be patient and come visit us often,  to see the major changes were going to make, and to view our new product lines.
If you have any suggestions as to what kinds of products you'd like to see, or are interested in knowing what kinds of Styles & Themes were going to be offering please feel free to make a comment here, or shoot me an email, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. ~Blessings~Jody

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