Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whatcha Workin On Wednesday?

You know, there are so many talented artisians these days, and it's so nice to visit all their blogs and websites to see their beautiful creations.  So why don't you stop by and leave me a comment about what your working on today, to share with others. 

Today Im working on a custom order Utensil Holder & a set of Primitive Canisters for a customer in New York.  It's such a sunny beautiful day here in Washington, going to be around 78.  Hope where you are that your nice and cool.

Tell me what your working on today, I'd love to hear about your own creations and how your spending your day!


  1. Hey Jody,
    I'm working on following my new followers back! I also finished up my new stepback cupboard and am dying for the Hubby to come home so we can move it in!
    I'll be posting new pics in a day or two so skip on over and check it out! The latest post has some unfinished one now.....

  2. Hi Tish! I can't wait to see your stepback cupboard your working on. I'll check your blog in a few days, I bet it turned out really nice! Thank you for leaving a comment! I love to hear what others are working on!



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