Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! New Grandbaby Photos

Hi All! How has everyone been? Boy have I been missing in action! Had to go see when I posted last. I hope you all had wonderful holidays! Today I have some recent pictures of our granddaughters. Little Boo Boo (Brailynn) is now 2! I can hardly believe she's two already! She's getting so big, and does alot of talking. She likes to paint when she comes to visit us (go figure, taking after Grandma) so for Christmas we got her a little art table with stools and paints of course. She loves it! She also likes to play mommy with her sister so we also got her a baby alive doll to save her mother! lol Here's Brailynn Christmas day.
This is Maddy (I call her sissy, got that from Brailynn, cause that's what she calls her) on Christmas day. Maddy is 5 months old, growing like a weed, she's laughing and holding her bottle now. They both are just so cute!
I've been reading all your blogs, but I can't comment. Here's the problem. When I got my new phone I signed up for a gmail account so I could receive my emails while I was away. Well when I did that it did something to my google account and it won't let me make comments on others blogs. I've tried to fix it and haven't been able to. If any of you know how to fix the problem, would you please tell me so I can make comments on your blog. I really enjoy blog hopping and love talking to you all! Thank you! I've taken a couple weeks off from painting, I really needed to recharge my batteries! I will be back painting starting this coming Monday the 9th.  I will be posting regular again, now that the holidays are over. I have a few projects that I finished before Christmas that haven't been shown or added to the website, so those will be posted soon. I ran behind this year big time! So, I hope you all are doing well! I will talk to you again soon.  Happy New Year Everyone! ~Jody~


  1. What beautiful baby girls! Brailynn just looks like she's a busy, busy girl, haha! Feed her creativity now and she will always stay with it. My kids were like that when they were little and they are still into creating and crafting in their teen years. I think it's awesome!

    I'm not sure what to tell you on your phone issue. I have 2 gmail accounts that I check on my iPhone regularly. I go to Safari to Google Reader where all my blogs are stored. From there I can look at blogs and comment with no problem. I hope you are able to figure it out.

    Glad you were able to take a nice break to recharge and getting back to it soon. Have a grand weekend~

  2. Those girls are both so darn cute!! Were you having trouble with kindle also? My internet connection won't stay on and when it does I can't comment on any blogs. Weird huh? Oh well. Have a great weekend Jody!!




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