Saturday, January 7, 2012

Birdhouse Toilet Paper Holder in Sunflowers & Blue Birds.

This was a custom order I did for a customer this last Christmas. I had alot of fun designing and painting this piece for her! Thank you Patricia! I painted the background in white so the design would stand out. The top piece has a painted hole and branch. The design in painted on all four sides. I think it turned out pretty nice!
I will have another post next week, on a couple of new winter designs, that I painted last year and wasn't able to add them at that time.
Brenda & Angie, thank you for your comments on my last post!  I'm bound and determined to get the problem fixed this weekend! Brenda, no the problems not on my kindle, it's on my laptop that I use 100% of the time. I hope you get your problem fixed too! It's so frustrating sometimes! Cross your fingers! Have a fantastic weekend everyone! ~Jody~


  1. Oh Jody, the birdhouse is so cute! Of course, I love the blue bird.

    Yes, those computer issues can be such a pain. Hopefully you get it taken care of soon.

    You have a fantastic weekend too~

  2. Oh Jody, wish I knew of a way to help ya!! I did get one part of my kindle problem solved and from I have read, many many people are having the same problem, makes me so mad when they send this stuff out and doesn't make sure that all the bugs are fixed. But of course the posting comments on blogs was not the problem that I got fixed so still dealing with that. Beautiful birdhouse by the way!!




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