Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hand Painted Snowman

Happy Wednesday everyone! "Meet Snow Bright". I painted this Snowman, a Renee Mullins design, in Buttermilk, and then decided he needed to be lightened up, so I textured him in white, so he actually looks like a snowman. Snow Bright has an attached wood nose, and arm. He's wearing a green vest adorned with snowflakes, and a blue scarf. He has a Saltbox house with trees and stars on the lower half of him. The back of him is painted in solid matching colors. What is nice about him, is that you can have him with different options at no additional charge. Options are: Have him painted plain with no scene. With the scene, and with or without snowtex, battery operated tealight or regular tealight, as you can see from the photos below he looks different in each one. He's holding a miniture black metal lantern in each photo, with glass sides & handle, that holds a battery operated tealight, or a regular tealight candle. He comes assembled to the base and ready to use. He measures 29" Tall x 18" Wide from tip of arm to edge of scarf x 1" Thick. The base he is attached to is painted white and shaded to match him. He has a brace in the back that he is screwed to so he stands firmly. The base measures 10" Long x 4" Wide x 1" Thick.
With scene.

Without scene.

With SnowTex, you can click on the photo to see where I've added it. But it's on his hat, nose, several spots on his arm, twig arm, roof of house, and on the hill.
I have finished a set of Primitive Christmas Ornaments, and will be posting them later today as well.
See ya soon!

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