Monday, May 21, 2012

In Loving Memory Of My Dad

Today I'm remembering my dad, he was my step father, but in my eyes he was my DAD. He raised me like his own child from the age of 1. He was born August 20th 1936. He passed away on May 21st 2009, 3 years ago today from Cardiac Arrest & Coronary Artery disease. There wasn't one thing that my dad couldn't do. He was the most hardest working man that I've ever known. He lived a full life. In his younger years he was a miner for the Prospectors of "59 in the northern cascade mountains. He served in the army from 1959-1962. He was a private E1 (P) and a welder and blacksmith. He earned medals as a marksman (Rifle M-1 & Carbine). He worked at the Van Horn Mill in Everett Washington. He married my mother on November 17, 1966 and had 4 children. He worked for the Washington State Dept of Highways in Seattle, Washington. He was a logger for years. He had his own log trucking business and was a log truck driver. He could run any piece of equipment out there. My mother and him drove long haul trucks together for several years, all over the united states. He enjoyed fishing, camping, hunting, and building a log home from scratch with my mom, he loved making things from wood and working with his hands. One of the things I will treasure all my life is the wooden wishing well he made for me for one of my Birthdays, it resides in my back yard. He loved working on motors and collecting all kinds of things. In his later years he enjoyed playing games on the computer, listening to sports on the radio while watching another sports game on tv, and going to the casino with my mom. He loved my moms cooking, especially her lemon mereign pie and home made bread. My dad dedicated his life to providing for his family. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you Dad! We love and miss you soooooo much! Thank you for being my dad!


  1. Jody it is never easy to say goodbye to our parents. It sounds like your Dad was a very special man. I lost my Dad in 2000 suddenly from Pancreatic Cancer..he had just retired. There is not a day that goes by that I do not miss him. A year after my Dad died my husband lost his Dad to complications of Alzheimers and then 9 months later his Mom passed away suddenly. Such losses have a way of reminding us what is really important in life....don't wait for tomorrow to tell the people you LOVE what they mean to you....DO IT TODAY. The only comfort I have in missing my Dad and in-laws is knowing they died feeling the love I had for them.

  2. Hi, Jody! It's Kim from Old Road Primitives! Nice remembrance of your Father! Blood doesn't mean anything! It's who raises us, who we bond with! Your step Father sounded like a wonderful man! Kim PS: My hubby is a logger too! ;)



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