Friday, February 17, 2012

New Hand Painted Items

Hello everyone! How's everyone doing? I've been fine, just super busy! I know I haven't posted any new paintings in a long time, it seems I'm short on time. So I decided today, that I better post them, or they will never get posted. Most of these were done before Christmas last year, with the exception of the last canister. That one I just finished for a customer.
As of this week I'm painting orders off my website. That will keep me busy painting for a while. Normally, at the beggining of the year I post what new items I'm going to be making for the year. This time I made a list, and didn't post it. I will see how much of the list I get to accomplish this year. I have plans to blog hop this weekend, now that I have my log in issues with Google fixed, finally! See ya soon! Take Care, ~Jody~

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