Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Painting Product

Happy Tuesday eveyone! Hope this finds you happy and well! Today I wanted to show you one completed side of the Fireplace Screen that I've been working on in between painting orders from my website. This Fireplace Screen is going to be two sided. One side has been painted with an everyday design based off of a Kim Klassen design. The other side is going to be painted with a winter scene. I don't have it hinged together yet, because I can only have one piece on my painting table at one time. So the hinges will go on after it's been completed. Here's the photo.

This week I'm extremely busy painting. I have three Breadboxes & a set of my Ceramic Primitive Kitchen Canisters to paint. I'm trying to get some Spring & Americana paintings done but, those won't be worked on until my orders are finished. Anyways you all have a great week! ~Jody~


  1. Love that screen Jody! I love Kim's designs. Great job!


  2. So pretty!! thanks for sharing this post to inspire us to create and paint.

  3. Love it!! I also love Kim Klassen she is such an inspiration! =)

  4. This is nice Jody:) I've been trying to get hubby to make me a fireplace screen.

  5. Jody, that is beautiful! I'm sure the winter scene will be just as pretty. I would love to have a fireplace screen to use year-round... wonderful idea!

  6. Do you have any of your firescreens available for on-line sale?



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